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“Ok.”I sat back on the bed, and pulled the blankets up over me, Justin was on the other side of the bed, if this is how we were going to spend the...night, it was going to be a long night. After about 10 minutes of laying there in silence, Justin rolled over away from me. Fuck this. I rolled up right against him and put my arm around his body and held him close to me. He grabbed my hand in approval and slowly rubbed it. I fell asleep without any issues. I woke up the next morning and Justin was. Every time she thought it’d be the one but then he’d stop, content himself with sliding a finger inside her and she’d lie there gasping and desperate.“All of this is mine,” he whispered. “Forever.”He was driving her insane. She wanted to hate him. Her body felt like it was perpetually trembling. The worst part was not knowing when he’d relent. He always caught her off guard, unexpectedly giving her permission only to take it back if she wasn’t quick enough. She was sweating. His hands dug into. ‘You’re the beautiful and amazing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on.’ Hearing this made the pale remnants of a blush spread across her skin beneath his touch yet she continued to resist, even as her head slowly began to lean forward. Her vampire instincts told her to stop yet a much stronger side, a part of her being which she had not felt in a very long time denied any such action. ‘No…’ she protested as their lips continued to draw ever closer, painfully aware that the. Kristi then felt Tim guide the head of Ricky's steel hard young prick past her pussy and hit her cervix. Only when Tim crawled behind her did she fully realize what they intended to do next. My wife turned to voice her displeasure but I was so horny and wanted to see what happened next Keith stuck his cock in her mouth to let the boys continue. Tim lubed the head of his organ and started pushing it against his brothers' cock and my wife's pussy too.Kristi started making some really loud.

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