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Somehow though, her heart wasn’t in it. She looked again at the world outside.One window fascinated her particularly. At the same height as her offi...e and no more than fifty metres away. Although her view was partially obscured by the branches and autumnally denuded foliage of a tree, she could see straight into what appeared to be a bedroom.She knew the room well; plain, white and sparsely furnished. In front (from her point of view) was a balcony, the bedroom windows were, in fact, doors. As I rang the bell and waited until the door opened slightly. She saw and recognised me and asked me to go away as she was expecting company. I told her that I was the one she was expecting, and I could see she was confused about what to do. I told her if we could go inside at least and she agreed.Inside I could see why Dad had kept her number – she was a slim looking brunette with some nice legs, great hips, smallish tits and a really well-made up face. She looked great and I could feel my. His hands were fast and pulled my leggings down my legs and pulled them off. His left hand ran up and down my wet pussy making my body tremble with pleasure. It went inside my black knickers and his fingers went inside my pussy making me moan out softly. He pulled down his shorts and moaned when he felt my mouth around his hard cock. My mouth moved up and down slowly and felt his hands on the back of my head pushing me to go deeper. I heard him breathing heavily and moaning. Marcus pulled me. I know you want that book back in one piece and by following my commandsthese next four weeks until mom comes back you have secured your book. Nowgo into the bathroom and take a shower." In the shower Thea cried but resolved that the only option she had was submittingto her sister. As she dried of she had accepted her fate. Back in Lisa's roomthe two friends where talking about what to do with their new won power. Bothgirls where delighted to have a 17 year old girl under their command..

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