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”“I wrestled with this but in the end, I figured a large monster needed a large “monster” if you know what I mean?” The monster grabbed her ...nd she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms onto his arms ramming all of his hard length into her wet tight pussy. “Wait! Stop! Stop him Doc! It's to big! Too fucking big! Make it stop!”“Nope. I’ve waited a lifetime, toiled for decades to fashion a cock for my creation. This is in the name of science!!”The monster was ramming his cock in her wet. I... I don't do this sort of thing. Please help me. Get... ungh! Get Jonas off of me, please." Shhhh! It's okay, Jilly," Pam reassured her distressed friend. "I... I know that it isn't your fault. I came in and found you passed out. But... but when I try to move him, Jonas just growls and snaps at me. I can't get him off."To demonstrate, Pam reached down to Jonas, hoping that the chubby dog would react the same way as the others had earlier. Luckily, he did, adding credence to her claim."I... I. "But it smell" Sorry, I said, I didnt wash in like a day" Let me lick it clean"And without another word, she put her tongue on the tip, going under the foreskin and licked all around.I could already hardly contain myself. She started going down on the shaft, licking every part of it. Not missing any part of it. Then once the shaft was clean, she started going on the balls. I has sweated all day, but she licked my balls like it was divine juice. She keep playing with my cock whiletaking my balls. Sucking on her toes, and licking the bottom of her foot, I was turning on more. Britt like that, but I was fucking her good and hard. I moved her feet away and laid down on her, and thrusting hard strokes into her pussy. Britt held that pillow tight, as she tensed up. Omg she spoke repeatedly as she came, holding onto my body and the pillow so tight. One I saw her head lean back, and she embraced me cock, I was getting ready to shoot me load into her pussy. I held up as much, shoot a little.

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