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As the first of the third – the commanding officer of the third platoon - she was used to taking orders without question. At least, she was used to ...aking orders without asking her questions out loud.It turned out her platoon wasn’t really needed – but it certainly could have been. Tylnanari had sent a team of Ambassadors and dignitaries to negotiate some trade treaties. Fevre, the land to the west of Tylnanari had likewise sent a team – and it was well known the people of Fevre and Tylnanari. You have already made me enough happy today…. I have cummed like countless times already. She said that and bit her tongue with shyness…I responded, is it so spoorti… Let me check saying, I immediately lifted her skirt and put my head over her thighs. Since it was spread across, I could go all the way till her love hole to feel her panty and so her intoxicating feminine odor filled with her juices… And, I held her waist and buttocks…She was taken by surprise again and didn’t know what to. I then wiped some of her pussy juice on her other nipple. I sucked the same one, making her breath heavier. I then moved my attention to the wet nipple. As soon as I tasted her I was in heaven. Her scent, her taste—it all drives me wild. I licked her nipple so hard and fast. I was driven by desire. My finger dived into her soaked pussy. I started fingering her hard and fast. She moaned and bucked her hips. I carried on licking her nipple as my fingers slipped in and out of her soaking wet. All of a sudden Kat brought up the couple in the next room to her's again and out of the blue asked me if I was turned on by listening to them. I couldn't lie and said yes, asking her the same question, to which she answered yes also. She then started to ask me about my sex life, what my preferences were, positions I liked, type of woman I went for. We were at the point of not drunk but tipsy enough for daring conversation to enter the fray, so I asked her if she had ever had an affair away.

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