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" But you would murder someone who was raping Carol. You admitted that already. No doubt the casino would consider losing money to your ability to be ...heft even if there's no law against TK. I'm sure part of the reason you like the idea of getting money from a casino is because they're perceived as being immoral. Taking immorally earned money off people is different from robbing an ordinary person. Crimes are relative. When you have a lot of power, you will be tempted to commit crimes." I even. Dena was coming out of the shower when they heard the phone ringing down at the reception desk, “Landra?” they both said at the same time. Dena got dressed in a second when they heard Tano calling from downstairs... it was Landra.Kea ran down the stairs, Dena walked. Tano passed the phone to Kea.-“Landra?”-“Hi, Kea... how are you doing?”-“Great! So, what’s up?”-“OK, I talked to Terio and Iria explaining Dena’s proposal and they think it’s a great idea. The doctors just visited Terio again and. I knew a lot of people got pushed up against that bank when they were floating. They checked her over and tried to get her to go with them. ‘No!’ she fought and struggled with them. Her eyes met mine and I could see the despair. ‘Help me!’ it was a choking call. ‘Guys, guys, stop!’ I finally had to yell. I went and sat by her. She clung to me desperately. ‘I’m going to take you to the ambulance, Dara,’ I told her. She nodded. Those huge brown eyes looked up at me pleadingly. ‘Don’t leave me!’. I have never seen anything like this before." I said soberly. We waited most of an hour after the light and the wind were back to normal before we looked about. The area was devastated.I looked over toward the ruins and it was an open sore in the ground. The Angel camp only had a few isolated sticks and lumps left. There were no people. Suddenly, the ground shook. I managed to remain standing though not one of the others did. Then, they stood up and joined me in looking around. Joan was gone..

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