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Seeing my plight my coach and a co-student carried my to the dressing room and I was writhing in pain. I was position on the ground in the dressing ro...m. My coach told my co student to go and practice as he will take care of me.Bhaskar took a pain relief spray and applied on my thigh. But the pain did not reduced. He told me to relax and started massaging my thigh in a slow circular motion so that the cramp can be eased.I was in my shorts which were a inch or two above my knees. As his hand was. While dancing with the black guy, I was smiling at my hubby.That huge black man suddenly pulled the top of my dress down exposing my breasts and he started sucking on my nipples, as he slid his hand between my thighs and began finger fucking me.I saw Victor was smiling; so, I kept staring him directly in his eyes, while I decided to rub the huge bulge in the black guy’s trousers.All of a sudden, Darrell pushed me to my knees and pulled out his throbbing black dick; just there, in the middle of. He was barely presentable with respect to his haircut, shave and cleanliness of clothing. He was going to work.We were trying to get to the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning, but got off, mistakenly at the "Saturday and Sunday Market." Instead of looking at people trying to peddle flowers, corn or tomatoes, there were hundreds of 8'-0" square tents where people were selling all kinds of things.One young man was selling belts made out of used bicycle tires. Another was doing portraits out of. He twirled and Jess smiled.He WAS getting the hang of this, she thought.They spent the rest of the afternoon and up till about seven in the evening playing 'dress-up'. This consisted of both of them taking it in turns to try on a new outfit. Now and outfit, is a collection of clothes. Whether they were bought to go with one another is beside the point, so there was a lot of pulling off and putting on and some things were put on again and again depending upon the other stuff that was there to go.

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