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I had been married for a year and a half to a very loving man. Who happened to have a very big boss who is black. My hubby worked for him him long we where married. I met his boss at all the company parties. He always said I was hot looking.Anyway hubby had to go out of town to set up a new job site and would be away for most of the summer so Phil said that he would keep an eye on me. Phil is the boss. He would call me every day asking how I was. This went on for about a week then he ask. And, though she still couldn't control it well enough to be able to write with it, at least it seemed, she was beginning to be able to use it if even in a very limited way.Like I said, Madeline was a remarkable woman.#The one very unexpected by-product of all this, was that Janice and I had grown close now ourselves, much closer in fact. On rare occasions after Janice had gotten her mother to bed for the night, she would come over, and share a glass of wine with me, or just sit with me on the. No man could drop off to sleep with that He started to pull her down beside him but she said no, she would make love to him.Nathan was really vague by then, but it was glorious. There he was naked, and she ran her hands over his body, over his arms… down his 1egs… across his chest. She felt and massaged every nook and muscle she could find. The massage was soothing and all he had to do was enjoy it. He half dozed and got ready to make love to her again.“No, don’t exert. I started rubbing and licking them and in a few min, I was biting the flesh. She started moaning loudly and was pushing my face in her pussy.I reached her pussy and licked it slightly. As soon as I licked her, she just moaned and pushed my face in it. I was laping her cunt like a mad dog and she was moaning. As her moaning grew, I knew she was about to come, I started fingering her and licking her. Her grip became hard and in a min, she came like anything. I drank all the juice flowing from her.

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