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" I started saying that I had that in savings back home when hestopped me and leaned in close. “But that’s not even close, your buddies puttwo of ...y best girls out of action for six months and you know what that'sworth to me? Sixty grand plus the cosmetic jobs to get them patched upagain, I reckon you owe me a hundred big ones, got that tucked away haveyou”?I collapsed back on to the seat and mumbled, “No."“What? I can’t hear you."“No,” I said again, louder.“Thats what I thought.” He beckoned. I would like to watch your workout with the team, and then take you and Zoe home." Thanks for supporting us, Mrs. B. Also, I am sorry Zoe had to get involved in this. Please know I would never do anything to get her hurt." I know, Cas. You don't have to worry about me."That done we walked to the practice field as I tried to get ahold of my raging emotions.When we got out to the field Josh and a bunch of other guys ran up to us."Dude, we heard you got into it with Tony and Tyler." Yeah, it's. I have a few role play fantasies. I have one that is in the dark side but turns me on. It starts off with letting my lady know, via text message, "beware of strangers". Before she gets home, I get my favorite cockring on, head out and take a drive. Giving her 30 minutes or so I pull up to our place and knock on the door. When she opens the door, she half way hiding behind the door. She is wearing a t-shirt, showing off her big tits and short. She acting as if I was a stranger, asking, "could I. Muskan and rittu took lift and when she rang the doorbell of the room one young guy by name of ravi opened the door.He was a mascular man and had a good height.His eyes gleamed in excitement on seening a newly married girl in tight short skirt.Muskan introduced ravi to rittu and told her that he is her old friend and soon ravi gave a tight hug to rittu.Ravi then ordered drinks in the room with snacks and rittu too was feeling relaxed in the atomphere thinking that she was totally safe with.

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