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Two months later, Rebecca had now completed her training and taken her title as sister Watts, her Mormon Missionary name and she proudly boasted it on...her Facebook. The big day had come to start her Missionary work and Rebecca was assigned to Palmas (spanish for Palms), a small town 2 hours south of Val Verde City, a tropical paradise known for it's natural water springs, a tourist attraction near the residence of President Meek where he would keep a watchful eye over Rebecca as she was new.. S a note to everyone who took the time to comment on my first story... “Becky’s Really Hot Day” ... IT WAS A SPOOF! Please see my bio for more details. My problem now is that I am working eight storylines at once and not getting any finished. For some reason this one grabbed my interest this morning and finished itself ... NO SEX I need to offer thanks to sbrooks103x who graciously agreed to edit this offering. He went beyond my wildest expectations and has my utmost respect. If there are. She had great hair; long brown and wavy, with natural highlights from a summer outdoors. She had a quite pretty face, with shining green eyes and soft pink lips. She’d been told many times that her smile was beautiful. Moving lower down, she studied her breasts. They were quite firm, C cups with pert little rosebud nipples. She took a moment to gently rub her nipples to erection. They were quite sensitive and the feeling sent a little shiver down her spine. Her stomach was relatively flat; she. .. to luv and to a mortgage. Carol has slain the mighty soldier of luv.”We were on our way to the house and Carol looked a little tired. I decided to go to the apartment where we could rest a little before tonight’s penultimate Dress Rehearsal. I had put in the car’s sound system the ‘Brides’ soundtrack, and was humming along with it as we drove.“I love your singing voice, Rann,” she said as her eyes were closed. “Sing to me any time you want—ever.”My favorite piece of music from I DO, I DO.

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