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I press the vibrator more firmly against my clit as my arousal mounts and I come quickly, my breath escaping in tiny gasps. "What are you doing?" My friend's voice breaks through the haze in my brain as my body shudders through my climax. "What does it look like I'm doing?" "Did you just come?" I giggle and start to move the dildo inside me again. I rise up on my knees and lower myself slowly and it makes soft squishing sounds as I slide it almost all the way out and then back in again. My. .Well mai unse batien karne laga family ki aur U hi takreeban 2:30am ho gayay…Phopho ki taraf se koi reaction nahi tha…Mai ne socha tha k unho ne kafi arsay se sex nhi kia unka B dil krta hoga…So mai ne TV ka remote lia aur agay krne lag gaya aur9xm channel lag gaya aur hum songs sunne lag gayay…3,4 songs k baad Ashiq banaya apne lag gaya jis me Imran Hashmi french kisses krta hai phopho ne kuch nhi kaha aur hum sunte aur dekhte rahay…Mere trouser k ander se mera dick full erect tha phopho. After few seconds my big cock was erect and was rubbing her big ass. She got surprised and said that what I was doing in the kitchen. Before she could say something I got hold of her big boobs from behind.She hesitated and said to me not to do this, and that she will tell my wife about the same. I didn’t give any attention to her and pulled her towards me and started kissing her on her neck. She also got excited and kept mum. I understood that she is ready and willing to be fucked. My rod had. It wasn’t til I called him by name as I was pulling him off my cock that he realized it was me. Nick froze in shock, unsure what to do, so I helped him by taking his matching fat cock deep into my mouth. He was hot to trot in seconds as he wasn’t use to being on the receiving end of such pleasure. Within a minute Nick was creaming my face, his cream so fresh and sweet.He cried out in pleasure so with lust, need and love filling me, I flipped him over and plugged his used and abused hole,.

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