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The captain wore black trousers and a white short sleeved shirt tucked into his trousers, and he had greyish black hair. He had a serious expression o... his face as he looked at his new male sea cadets. He began to walk up and down with his back straight and his hands behind his back. He would stop, look at us and open his mouth to say something, then would close his mouth again. I caught the eye of a tall, strikingly handsome young man my age with short black hair underneath his cap and blue. "Well, Idon't usually like to share mascara. But I think I might make anexception." And with that Diane leaned very close to me, tilted my headup, told me to look up at the ceiling, and started slowly coating myeyelashes with her mascara. I could feel the weight of the liquid onmy eyelashes - this was an unnatural feeling, and in fact somethingMistress had never done with me in the past. The other women teased meas Diane worked on me. "Oh, Cindy you have such pretty eyelashes."While this. “Where my fingers are currently headed.”“And what would I feel along my way?““The blended warmth of my skin mixed with the bathwater… The gentle rise and lower of my chest as my breathing begins to hasten.” I turn back to my reflection, slightly hidden behind the partially fogged-up mirror. Waiting. Longing for her voice to continue pulling me in. Pulling me back to that night we shared our first intimate moment. It wasn’t much. A touch here, a whisper there. A kiss. But, it is a moment I will. When I asked him about his own single status he told me he was gay, which came as a surprise but no big deal, he had never had much of a long term relationship or even any dates for years. We carried on with the driveway getting it finished later in the afternoon, I made plans for heading home, but Bob told me he had dinner made & a bottle of wine, it was up to me but he would enjoy the company, I thought why not, I had no other plans. We were both very dirty, Bob had a great utility room with.

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