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Tony's older brother was away and his parents had gone visiting.Tony said that i could not tell anyone what he was about to show me. Tony reached behi...d his brothers album collection and pulled out these magazines, from a distance i could just make out that there were girls on the covers, some flashing their breasts, some wearing tight, small outfits.I was starting to get excited, knowing that i was going to see my first porno magazine at the age of eleve..We quickly started flicking through. Sharp, and dressed in my "chore clothes": a pair of old jeans and an old white T-shirt. I figured there was no point in dirtying my nice stuff. I headed next door to Melanie's house.I knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Melanie greeted me warmly. "Hi, Jerry!" she said with enthusiasm. "Come on in! I'm so glad you agreed to help me!"I smiled back at her. "I'm happy to do it," I said. "I could sure use the cash, plus it's nice to help out people."She closed the door and locked it behind us. I took 2-hour permission from the office and left for the station at 4 pm for the 11:30 pm train. I managed to find a ticket collector and pestered him for a coupe.Initially, the ticket collector was surprised to see me so early. But then, after continuously following him for about 6-7 hours, he finally took our ticket and ID proofs from me for checking. It was around 10:30 pm when he received the passenger list from railway staff.He flipped the pages back and forth and said, “Take your tickets. She sits to the side of him and slips the belt off her waist, running the soft satin on his body, his entire body. She reaches under the bed and pulls out a bottle of massage oil. Warming it first in her hands she begins to work his legs and thighs, she caresses and rubs him deep and hard. Planting little kisses before each of her touches she notices his cock begin to quiver and swell. "Roll over," she tells him, "let me get your back." She starts to rub his neck and shoulders with the oils,.

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