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. then decided what the hell. She stepped back up on the stand, proudly pushing her chest forward for all to see. She was proud of her breasts... lush...and soft, yet still firm... she could feel her nipples harden... closed her eyes for a moment and began stroking her sides. It was like nobody existed except for her. She felt herself becoming wetter and wetter. Could the auctioneer standing next to her smell her need, she wondered, getting even hornier at that thought."What am I bid for this. " Like an Elite would ever fully fit in?" Maybe without Kael's meddling I might have," I snapped, allowing some of my anger to shine through."Alex, you still would have worn your Iugum, and nothing can hide the fact that you're an Elite." I'm not hiding; I just want to fit in." Elites rarely 'fit in' and almost never stop working with clients," Steph explained. "Yes, they take breaks. But eventually they start accepting clients or become Doceos."Steph's reply seemed scripted, and I strongly. "Once you get done it's going to be my turn to do the same for you. I mean, it's only right to return the favor. Don't you agree?" he asked. "That would be nice," I answered. I was already moving to take that wonderful cock into my mouth once more, wanting to feel it as his cum shot into my sucking mouth. I was till amazed by the velvty softness of his cock, whether it was in my hand or in my mouth. I wondered if my cock felt the same way to him as he continued to caress me. Frankly. Dave realised that I was in some discomfort because he never moved, as the pain died I started moving backwards and forwards riding his cock. I told Dave that I wanted to watch his face while he fucked me, he turned me on to my back and slid back into me. We started to fuck like wild a****ls; he leaned forward and kissed me sucking my tongue into his mouth. I felt him start to swell inside of me and then he exploded filling my insides with cum. As Dave filled me with his hot cum I started to.

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