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I do not know how long I was laying there, but this was lasting far longer than any other sexual situation I had up to this point. I was so hot, I rec...ll actually pushing his head away and finishing up with my hand. I came harder than I had ever cum before. WOW !!! Holy shit!!! I came harder than I ever had. He gave me a towel to clean up with. As I lay there, I noticed he still had a hand on my cock and moved his mouth up to suck on my nipple. While this did feel good, it did nothing to get me. I never knew about it until that night. I was just trying to sneak in and go up to my room, and things got ... out of control.”Amanda laughed at this. She took a healthy sip from Mom’s wine glass. “I had been going out to the bar, but that will do. I just have to show you my latest jewelry!”I was curious about that. Amanda hadn’t worn any jewelry that night at our house, but tonight she was loaded with it. She had several gold and diamond bracelets on her wrists, about a half dozen gold. I hadn’t seen him get it when he led me downstairs, but when he went back up I could see he had his cellphone with him. I’d hear him dial it on the way back up, and I’d hear him say only two things: ‘He’s ready.’ Then the door would close and i’d be alone for awhile. My cock would go from hard to soft and back again as I swung there, and precum would be dripping from it in small rivers. My arms would start to ache, my ass would still be throbbing, and I’d be so horny, waiting and wondering what. "Not a problem" he stood me up so my back was to him, bent me over and slid into me. The ease in which he entered me compared to the excruciating pain of the first time was blissfully amazing. He gripped me around the waist and propelled me towards the window. He reached out pulled the cord and I was framed in a window to the outside world, being fucked from behind by a stranger in full view of the very public space of a motorway service station and hotel car park. I spotted Paul and waved.That.

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