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I walk through the darkness and pull the cord to the the small lamp on my desk, *ka-chink* and she sets a dim blaze on the room. I know, soon, that b...aze'll be in my belly. I sit down in the hard wooden chair behind my desk, I pull a bottle of Johnny Walker and an unopened pack of filterless out of the left side drawer. I pull the foil off of the top of the bottle and unscrew the cap. I take a wiff of that golden nectar and *boom* *boom* there's a knock at the door.Shit, I think to myself. ”“That’s great Rod, you just do that while I take care of her mother.”David then dragged Pam into the room like a trophy and everyone who saw her started scrabbling around to hide or cover themselves. Sally heard what he said and desperately pulled away from Rod and slid between her bed and the wall in case it wasn’t a joke. Her heart was pounding harder than before and now it felt like it was about to stop. She was trying to control her heavy breathing when she finally saw her mother and knew. The spell was broken when Marie said she would use the bathroom first andasked if I was planning any thing for today. Most Saturday's I usually gofor a ride on my motor bike, but I felt a little uneasy about suggestingthis, Marie must have noticed my indecision and said" why don't you gofor a ride, I have some shopping I need to do" and that was that, I gotready and had a five hour bike ride and Marie got ready to go shopping.Exactly what Marie needed I was unsure but my mind was full of. ’ as Stuart laughed as well, before clearing his throat and calming everyone to let the tale go and consider it something to ponder later. When he had their attention, he started in where James MacRae was feeling the effects of his losses. ********************************** Thirty miles away in Ballachulish, a maddened James MacRae paced about his cottage, disturbed at the recent events and how they were slowly robbing him of any chance at attacking and controlling Donan and the other castles..

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