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Some of the Circle women spiced up their costumes with minimal clothing, but nothing was really over the top because so many executives from important...companies were present.Donna had again been coopted into being the Chief Party Planner, and she’d done an outstanding job. The same band as at Dave’s first party came back providing a great mix of music to both listen to and dance to. The caterers left people feeling awesome about their meals and hors d’oeuvres, and when the desserts were brought. In fact, it sounded like something I’d like to be a part of! However I wanted to get both of the women out of the way so I could find out what exactly John was thinking at the moment. Still, I might as well go further even if I wasn’t there. I could always check on them before I left.“Pay Attention, Carol, Emily.” I said, lowering my voice so that John couldn’t hear. “When you go upstairs Carol, you have to physically dress your daughter. Emily, you have to let your mother dress and pose you. The walls of this pub were made of shellacked oak. He relished in sitting down at the bar after a tremendously long day and ordering that first beer. A colorful jukebox stood towards the rear, and Queresh had a penchant for old rock and roll tunes from the sixties and seventies. These tunes were popular in Jeddah, although most of the lyrics were censored.Alcohol, when accompanied by music, can lead to a brief window of euphoria inaccessible to the sober mind. He knew he should indulge instead. He pulled the towel away as he settled on top of her. Zin groaned in pleasure as his weight pinned her down. She opened her eyes to him smiling at her. His hair enveloping both of them in a dark cocoon. She wrapped herself around him, opening her body to him. "You belong to me. You were hidden from me by those that seek to ruin me. Dreams were the only way I could find you, but I had to wait till you ready." He brushed his lips across hers, hearing her whimper softly. "You are the one that will.

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