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”“As you wish, some of the information will be hard to locate, we could send the information on to your facility when the search is completed if would make things simpler.”With that chromos left for the facility he had set up in the mountains and arrived to find everyone busy working on the machines he had designed for this mission.“Ah commander, as you can see, the devices are nearly completed, and do you have the files yet?”He told the scientist what the archivist had said and told them. They were strict on themen too, but they really policed their female members more ruthlessly,"he said."But the thing that really set them aside from other groups was theyopenly preached white supremacy as a biblical practice. That drove somepeople to avoid them and it brought them into contact with a lot ofother groups with the same ideals. Their contacts with Aryan Nation andother similar groups are what first put them on our radar. But when theShift came, that whole idea came back on them. She let out a gasp, pulled my head tight against her pussy, her legs tightened and her juices flowed over my hand into my mouth as her orgasm took her. I kept licking and sucking until she told me to stop. That was the first of many oral orgasms I would give her. After that we did spend a fair bit of time in her bed together and she loved me to bring her off with my hand on her pussy. She could cum 6-7 times in a couple of hours that way with one of my hands holding her breast to my mouth the. My nipples immediately perked up as my dress fell to the floor, leaving me wearing just my lace thong, my chubby booty exposed to the elements. I stepped out of the dress on the floor with my right foot, and with my left foot I flicked it into the darkness, hearing a soft thud as it landed in an unseen location shortly after. I pulled my trench coat back on again and continued through the wooded area, only the sound of the river flowing accompanying me. A few minutes later I stopped and opened.

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After shower

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