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..your an asshole!" she heard herself say. She grabbed the kitand threw it out of the cage. "I will not do that while you watch." "I see," he said sta...ding. He walked across the room to where a long polelike contraption was locked to the wall. He paused a moment, working on thelock that held the device to the wall. "Are you a city girl slave?" he askedover his shoulder as he fiddled with the chain. "Yes," she said, "but you know that already…" She was sure that Tonyhad told the auction house. Oh don't cry hunny bunny, little tears are running down your cheeks, bless.I open the tub of lube and put four fingers in and scoop out a large dollop full, I lift your arse off the bench just enough to slip my fingers inside you and wiggle them around a little.There we go that should do it, I reach for the butt plug and slide it up your arse and let you drop down onto the bench, there that's not going anywhere now.The cock ring next, I lift your heavy cock and force the cock ring on, blood can. I started doing fingering in my ass, pinching my nipples thinking he is doing everything. Two days before I went to my sisters room as in her room there is bath tub. I came outside of bathroom and opened cub-board as usual and saw her cloths, I close it for a moment and opened it again. I thought, I will try few of her cloths and go outside and try to meet that fellow.I went to some stores bought hair removal cream (though I’m having at-least any hair on my body), went to barber and ask him to. Beth smiled at me and got up and went over to her daddy and gave him a big hug then left to go up to her room too.I smiled at Rob and bent over and gave him a wet kiss and asked him how he liked watching Beth do her lap dance and he just rubbed his cock and said to me, “We better get her on the pill soon.”I smiled at my husband and told him I was thinking the same thing and that tomorrow I’d take her to see Claire and get her on the pill. Claire is a member of our swingers group and she and her.

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