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Now that I was out the protection of either Judge Hanover's sentence or Venus' contract, I was free game again and it seemed that Lester had decided h... wanted to find me." But why?" I don't know. it's not like I could ask him. I just got lucky that I recognised him waiting in the lobby of the hotel I had staying in during December and I bolted before he could see me. I left all my things behind save for the backpack of essentials that I carry with me at all times in case I needed to do a runner. Take your things and leave. This was never your mess to fix, and now it’s just got exponentially worse. You’ll only get yourself hurt even more if you stayed.’ Leanne swallowed past her achy throat. ‘I – I feel if i stayed, maybe, maybe I’d be able to explain, you know? Maybe once he’d cooled off -.’ She swore she could hear Elaine shaking her head through the phone. ‘Sweetie, have you forgiven Bill after all this time?’ ‘N-no.’ She sobbed. ‘Neither will Joe, I’m afraid.’ Elaine sighed. "We are going to dinner tonight with a few friends. My plan is tointroduce you to my circle and let you see how far down the rabbit holeyou want to go."We will be with a couple of my favorite producers that are alwayslooking for talent, not sure if you have the "look" but "Hell" it'sworth a try.Dinner was a small dish of fish with an even smaller salad. InCalifornia, most socializing is done over alcohol. No one ate much atall, but everyone drank A LOT! The people at the table were. " It is and I sure am glad. I'm not sure I could handle another one of those events," she said afraid to even call it what it was, an attempted holdup."Well next time give them the money," I suggested."That's what my husband said as well." Martha replied.I found the aspirin and an eight ounce carton of whole milk. "Well time for me to get back to my date," I suggested as I paid for my purchases."Oh my, a new man in your life?" Martha asked."One as mean as me it seems," I said it with a.

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