Later, he told me that he realized that I was an excellent judge of men and cocks and that I can protect and defend myself if the need arises.When I w...s putting on my seat belt, he asked me, “Don’t you think we should introduce ourselves?”I burst out laughing. Here we were, we did not know each other’s name and yet knew each other very well, in the fuck sense.I shook his hand and told him, “I am Ishika. I am married and have a two-year-old son.”He smiled and said, “I am Jayesh, I am nearly. The first time I came to see her, she screamed and threatened me, berating me as she always had since that day I first caught her with Jeff. Now, she said nothing as she stood on the opposite side of the chain fence staring at me. Her face looked different as if her intelligence was diminished. She stuck her fingers through the chain link, trying to touch me but failing."Hello, David." Her voice was low and sexy, as it always was.I said nothing. She rubbed her eyes and refocused. Had she spoken. I put a finger in her love hole and started to finger fuck her. She moved with my rhythm and moaned "Agunna, that feels so good. Oh god finger fuck me hard."I put another finger in and pounded her harder. Her whole body shook and she screamed in passion as she came. She kissed me again and I started to pull her dress off. She helped me and I got to see the body that I lost my virginity to. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and played with the other one with my hand. She closed her eyes and. Her suitcase lay where he had left it, half open on the couch. Reaching down, he picked up her clothing and walked over to the couch. He opened the suitcase and stuffed them inside before quickly snapping it shut. The sound of the latches clicking closed felt good, like the closing of a too long left open chapter of his life. Picking up the suitcase he walked down the hallway to his bedroom. Opening the door he stepped inside, his eyes drawn to the still sleeping form of his ex-wife. He walked.

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