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“Andrea didn’t tell me she would be going with you until ten minutes ago. You are a very lucky young man.” He winked at me cheekily before turni...g to Sandra. “And you Mrs Simpson have a wonderful young man for a husband. I believe you will make him an equally wonderful wife.” He grinned at me. “Possibly a better wife than he deserves?” Sandra laughed. He shook my hand and then gave Sandra a hug and a kiss. “Congratulations and good luck to you both.”He went around all his pupils to wish them. I could feel folds of flesh, and I could feel that she was wet. She rubbed my dick against her for several minutes, getting wetter and wetter, and faster and faster, until she suddenly braced and orgasmed heavily, shaking and moaning loudly.“Do you have a condom?” she asked.I did, so I jumped off the bed and went to get it. I hate condoms. They desensitize and I find it difficult to cum while wearing them, so I was disappointed. She couldn’t get pregnant at 55, could she?! But I obliged and put. I like beauty in simplicity. Well, she had very good sexy figure, and her skin was so soft tight and beautiful, as she was fan of power yoga, and she used to go for running everyday, and guys you may know what i mean how the power yoga acts on females body, skin and…Well lets continue- then we started talking whenever we could, having coffee together. Long phone talks started, messages, roaming to malls,movies and all. By the time we were getting closer, normal hi hello how are you and talks. After I finished applying the makeup I gave myself one last look. I smiled at myself and pulled my hair into a braid.I put on my blue one piece dress showing my shoulders and cleavage. My dress was short barely covering my butt. I wore a g-string under my dress, and no bra, making my nipples recognizable through the soft fabric of my dress.I called Emily, and she said she will pick me up in five minutes.I stepped out of the house and sat on the rocking chair by the entry door, looking at the.

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