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The soil was a bright red, very much like a recent coating of iron rust. I wondered if this could be the remnant of a giant iron meteoroid that had st...uck the Earth in the past few million years. It could not be that asteroid that had struck when Eve and I were driven through time, but it could be a more recent one that had not been nearly as destructive.If this was such a meteoroid, it was a God-send for us. Provided we could find a practical way to transport it, this rock would supply our. He growled as he came inside her again. She moaned and sighed in reply as her pussy climaxed around her brothers thick cock. they signed the papers, Daniel smiling as he handed the clerk his ID that bore the last name of his father. It said he was Daniel Tate from Oklahoma. the clerk looked at them both and seeing the different skin colors didnt question them much. they were married that night, he pulling her against him as he kissed her. that night they were loud as he fucked her, her white. Recently we broached the subject again and started another search. Again we found exactly what we weren’t seeking…men who lied about their situations so that meant we couldn’t trust anything they said. Then there were the fake wanna-be doms. Master would always start communicating with any man first to weed out some of the crazies. Then if they passed his first test, I would start talking to him to do some more weeding. One day we received a short message from a potential couple that consisted. I'm there for about an hour before I finally blurt it out. "Ame knows about us."He chokes. "Come again?" he coughs out."I asked her to marry me and she asked if she would out rank you if she said yes."He gets that hard, cold closed look. The one that made me start callin' him 'Sir' in the first place."What did you say?" Sir-" It slipped out and he glares at me. I gesture helplessly, "Peter, what could I say? She wants to meet you. I mean, 'you' you. Y'know..." I know what she means." He stops.

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