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In her mind’s eye, she was on all fours in her apartment living room. She saw herself from a spectator’s view.She was completely nude as was Brent...behind her, pumping into her with the same ferocity as the Shepherd. She watched her naked body rock back and forth as his pelvis crashed into her ass cheeks.Brent’s body tensed as he exploded inside her. His fingers gripped the side of her body, just as the Shepherd’s claws were doing to the Husky.There was a jump-cut in her imagination and now. She had her chemise just above her waist and one of the straps had fallen down in a very sexy way. I was turned on and one look at Henry’s boxers told me that so was he! Helene restarted from where she had left, caressing her breasts and Henry seeing me staring at her said “why don’t you go and join her, after all she didn’t get any last night!” I followed his suggestion and naked as I was, got down on my knees and went down on her. She smelled soooo good, she was already wet and the smell was. He fumbled at his belt as he peered back into the window.Janey had leaned back against the desk, smiling as Paula shrugged out of her blouse. Adam had never really paid attention to the older woman. After all, she was in her forties for goodness sake. He was rather staggered as Paula proceeded to unfasten her bra, revealing a full, rounded pair of breasts. Adam acknowledged to himself that he hadn't inspected a lot of breasts, but Paula's big, brown nipples were the largest he had ever. " This isn't over, you old son-of-a-bitch. You either, whore." Despite his brash words, Billy was walking backwards toward his truck.Choosing not to answer him, Rick turned to Summer instead. "Are you okay? You should really call the police anyway." He's ... He's just drunk."The truck roared to life, tires squealing as Billy tore out onto the road."That's no excuse." I meant what I said. I'm done with him. I just want it to be over."Rick nodded. "Okay. Have you got someone to be here with you.

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