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Then I took her hand and bring it on my cock. She hesitated and was feeling shy. But I told her to relax. She then slowly touched my cock, rubbing her...hand all over it. Her hand was cold nd my dick was hot so I was feeling sensations running through me. She slowly grabbed it and curiously examined it with her hands like a child examines a toy. Her hand was small and slowly I was getting erect. She was feeling it and asked me if it is ok. I told her that yes it’s ok and it will get bigger and. Either.***When bed time came around I said, “When you’re ready andin bed let me know, then I’ll come in and get in myside.” When Faye said I could come in, I opened the door andshe began laughing at my boxer shorts just because Ihave little yellow duckies on them. “Are you wearingthem as a joke,” she asked, “or do you wear them all thetime?” I smiled, saying, “I like my ducks!” Faye looked at my boxers a little closer, then. "God she is gorgeous," I told myself. I kept ogling at her picture, and all the negative thoughts which had filled my mind were gone now. All I was thinking about was, where is Miss Ally, and when is she going to meet me? My long stare at the photo was broken by the woman I had met earlier, as she brought me a drink. "There you go, your drink," she said, presenting the glass to me. I couldn't say what it was exactly. Looked like vodka to me. That girl seemed like a maid, or housekeeper for my. She’s doing this to tease me I thought. All I could think about was having her tongue wrapped around the head of my dick each time she took a drink.We made mostly small talk, things like where we went to school, how we ended up where we are, how nice k**s are to have in your life and such. We giggled about the truckers at the bar and wondered when the last time they had changed the oil in their pants. Finally it was well after midnight and I figured we should probably call an end to our one.

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