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The room door knocked and I got up and opened it, watching Marks face as he entered to room and immediately his eyes rested on Amber's nudity and prov...cative pose on the bed.'Fuck me Mariel', he muttered as he pushed past me, his eyes locked onto the girl he worshiped, he had never seen her in the nude, well almost nude as the stockings and garter belt, helped to emphasize and frame her juicier parts, 'I think fucking her would be better for you Mark', and he turned and looked momentarily at. Tears slowly tracked down Megan's face, and she didn't seem to be able to do anything but rock Richard gently in her arms and croon to him. Richard was awake, or at least his eyes were partly open, and pain clearly etched his delicate features. A gentle touch on her arm startled Erin out of her reverie, and she turned to follow the hand to its owner."My lady" Emory said in gentle tones, "we really must be going now that you are awake"."What happened?" Erin croaked and then clearing her throat. So you will have to be brought to it's secret location without having a clue where it is. So- we need to make some improvements." Umm" Remember what I said about learning and listening earlier? There was no hesitation then. Today is the day. Now are we ready to learn?" Yes, Ma'am" Mistress" Uh?" Not Ma'am or 'uh'. You should call me Mistress." Yes, Mistress." Oh, that's hot. Hold out your hands. No, right in front and together." Jacqie took her hands, not ungently, and tied them together with a. Her juices had started to soak through her underwear, and feeling her wetness on my hand was more than I could stand. I got up quickly, pulled her jeans off, then knelt down between her legs. I started kissing my way up her leg, stopping just when I reached the crease of where her legs met her body, then moving to the other leg and doing the same. When I reached the hem of her panties, I kissed my way up the edge, slipping my tongue underneath the fabric. The smell and taste of her juices drove.

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