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It was obvious that she didn’t like being pawed. Liam might not have noticed her himself, if it hadn’t been for the way she smelled. When she had ...erved him his meal, she leaned over to set his food before him, and the most enticing scent of wildflowers, soap and clean woman had wafted up to Liam’s nostrils. This was no sweaty, dirty barmaid, but a woman who recognized the advantages of good hygiene, and Liam had been intrigued. Without meeting his eye, she had inquired whether he needed a. EVERYTHING was wonderful, though there were awkward moments, like when he wanted to order wine and she pointed out that she didn't bring her purse along, so she had no ID. She didn't bother to mention that the ID would not have allowed her to have the wine, anyway. During the "makeover" that afternoon, her appearance had gone from 18 to 23 in 30 minutes flat.Eventually, of course, the topic of conversation turned to books, though it was obvious that he was very reticent to do so, afraid that he. She fumbled around a bit with her fingertips and eventually the key fell to the ground. Crap!Ann had hoped to catch the key. She didn’t exactly trust herself to bend over or squat down without pissing herself. But she soon had a plan. She slipped out of one of her shoes. She grabbed the key between her toes. Then she lifted her foot up to her ass where she could reach the key with her hand. Clever girl, she thought. A moment later she was in Jen’s parent’s bedroom.She thought a moment about the. I was worried she might take it too fast now, but that wasn’t the case. She took it slowly, giving my hard cock all her attention. Just like, she loved all the attention she got, she knew how to give it back too. She licked the head, and sucked it for a while with that slurping sound, while her fingers played with my balls. Then she took my balls in her mouth again and I felt them growing in her mouth. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on for too long. So, I decided to take a little break. I.

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Newly Wed Fuck

Newly Wed Fuck

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