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I wondered what was playing, then I thought. It had better be good because I couldn't seduce such a young woman.When I picked her up that night, I met...her family. Her brothers were all big men, and her daddy was even bigger. Me being a Yankee couldn't sit right with them, but they were very hospitable. They seemed okay with her going out with a man considerably older than her.As we drove to the drive in, we talked. Jo was smart, uneducated and innocent. When I say uneducated I mean she had not. They laid down on the floortogether, the other kids looking on, some of themslowly tuning out because of getting into their ownactivities.Charlie Brown lined up his cock with the little girl’scunt and pushed forward. He missed. Lucy almost laughedagain, but looked at her brother and choked it back.The red-haired girl calmly reached down, took hiserection in her little hand and positioned the tip atthe exact entrance to her pussy-hole.‘Now, Charlie Brown, push.’He pushed down. And despite the fact that it was late June, it was cold. Not cool, but downright, make-you-shiver cold! My sister's body on me had held in some heat, although I had goose-bumps, and so did she."Sis? Tandra?" I called her softly. "Wake up, Precious. I've got to start the car and get some heat in here." Mmm? What? Who?" she struggled to wake up enough to understand. "Shit, it's cold in here! Is it snowing yet?" Tandra, let me start the car and get the heater working," I strongly suggested. "Is. I love what you do to me." Are you sure?" Please."My mouth was two inches away from her pussy when her ass fairly leapt off the mattress to meet it. I had punished her enough, but gotten my point across, so I went to work and made her shout her praises for my technique. After making her orgasm repeatedly, I lifted my head and looked at her. Sally McCall was teary eyed, breathless, and near exhaustion.It only took me a minute to remove my clothes and jump back between her legs. Alarm came to her.

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