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He ran kisses down her cheek and neck as he slowly descended to suck on her nipples. As he did this, he could run the head of his cock repeatedly alon... her wet lips. When he could tell he was positioned just right, deeply and swiftly he thrust fully and deeply into her, causing her to gasp and clutch at him. He stayed fully buried for a few seconds, then slowly withdrew until just his bulbous tip was at her opening. Waiting a few seconds, he plunged swiftly into her again. He repeated the slow. Then the sound of duct tape being pulled and ripped. There was muffled whimpering and then the sound of metal clinking on metal. Chains!!!Then, for a moment, dead silence. And lastly, the PA in the distance sounding though the closed basement door, " Thanks everyone for coming to Shocktoberfest. The event is now closed."Silence and darkness ... five minutes of fear and dreading.Then one by one the candles were being lit around the walls of the room and, in this indirect and dim light, Brenda. She turned her head and smiled with an exhausted panting, “You’re not stopping until I say so” she replied. Kylie lifted her leg higher allowing deeper entry and bucked her hips causing me immense pleasure. I felt my balls rise into my groin and prepare for ejaculation. Simultaneously, an electrifying jolt of pleasure shot into my body and I released my load inside Kylie. She didn’t stop, seeming to get off on the inflammation of my orgasm she fucked me harder and extracted my load completely.. He saw my point."Step over here Herman," I said, sliding my ass back up on the table and letting my legs dangle over the side. "See, you're not tall enough to get your cock up to the girl's pussy if she's sitting back here."I pushed him away and jumped to the floor. "The first two were shorter and both had to get up on the table. That's why the girl's ass was nearer the center of the table. It may have been the same couple because the positions were close and the places where the guy dumped his.

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