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"I waggled my eyebrows at them. I wasn't sure how Dad would spend a free Saturday night with his own private five and a half foot tall bowling ball, b...t that was up to them, right?"Actually," Tiffany smiled, "if I haven't given birth by then they're going to induce it on Saturday evening or Sunday morning." Neat," I returned her smile. "Well, gosh. We should be with you then." And take you away from your Senior Formal?" Tiffany laughed. "I'll be the evil stepmother for the rest of my life. If. He fucked me silly for only a minute or so then came right in me. My boyfriend seeing this sent his cum across my face and into my mouth which I swallowed. The whole thing only took minutes but at the time seemed like and eternity. I loved every second of it although I played it off as if I was ashamed. A girl needs to keep her reputation after all. Kinda funny now.” Jack adjusts in his seat causing Pam to slide closer to his hard on. “wow you like to hear this don’t you?’” jack smiles. I could hear her pussy sloshing as her hand was fisting her juicy snatch. She gave me one long hard suck, then stood up, straddled my cock, and lowered that bald wet pussy on my hot throbbing cock. It went in with ease as she buried every inch and began to thrust her clit on my wet smooth pubic area. It took only seconds and I felt that sloppy slimy vagina tighten around my shaft and suddenly it began to throb and pulsate, like it was sucking my cock as she gently moaned in my ear. I felt her. I thought we’d learnt that lesson last night.” His growl of annoyance makes his lips vibrate against my neck, his arms tightening around me even more making me wince slightly. “It was a joke Tim, ouch your hurting me,” I try to wiggle away from his hold but he’s too strong. Giving in I decide to play the only weak card I know he has, his obsession on me. Looking up into those strange off blue eyes I slide my leg over his, hooking it over and using it to pull my hips closer to him. Our bodies.

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