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My lips lower against the nape of your neck, touching you only with the lightest caress of my soft mouth. My hands glide over your sides, softly feeli...g your warm curves as my fingers leave trails of my lust up your body. The fight to remain quiet fails and you sigh a little. Slowly I unhook your bra, releasing your beautiful breasts to the air, to my lustful sight. My fingers again return to your sides to touch the places I missed because of your brassiere. Finger tips slowly inch their way. I must have dozed off.”“Such keen insight! Perhaps I'll call you Captain Obvious from now on.”Laughter rippled through the class and Trevor grimaced. He knew Professor Armstrong was going to be a tough one from the first time he laid eyes on her. She was a massive woman; at least as tall as Trevor without her heels. In her high heeled boots, she towered over him.That wasn't where her intimidation ended. She was well built with strong arms and truly massive thighs that were barely contained by. My right hand circled my stiffening nipple, cupped my breast and squeezed gently. My left hand was busy teasing my pussy lips. I was already wet from my dream, and my knees fell apart expectantly as I began stroking my clit in firm circles. With my eyes closed, all I could think of was him. He was not conventionally handsome by any account. If anyone at work knew how I felt about him I would have been ridiculed for months. I could no more explain it to them than I could have to myself.. Ab maine boobs k nippal se khelna shuru kia to nippal ek dum tight ho gaye to maine unhe katna shuru kr dia.Maine unhe apna lund muh me lene ko kaha to unhone mana kr dia. Maine unki coot me muh rakha to mujhe heat bahar tak mehsus hui maine use jeebh se chatna shuru kr dia to uski awaazein aur tez ho gai aaaaree rrraajat teeri bhaai to aise nai kkkat hai.. Wah hmmmm… Krte reh… Ab maine apni midle finger andar daali aur chudai karne laga dhire dhire uski siskia niklne lagi aur body heater ban.

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