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Theyannounced that MLB was immediatelybanning the practice of having players dress up as women, and byextension they were ending all forms of hazing.*...***The Seals fans, players, and management accepted MLB decision of endingthe hazing practice, but not all were happy with the decision. Someblamed Gina for what happened, saying she stuck her nose where itdidn'tbelong.Some of the Seal management even began looking into a way of terminatingher from her employment. MLB got word of this and told. She ran her hands down Britney’s back until she found her ass. She grabbed it and pulled her towards her in one swift motion. Britney let out a loud moan. Christina smiled and ran her tongue down Britney’s neck, to her tight white cotton shirt, circling her nipples through the shirt, down to her cock. Christina circled Britney’s cock with her tongue, gently kissing her female balls and looked up into Britney’s eyes. Britney was sweating lightly and had an expression of lust and frustration on. “Well yeah, you’re a guy. I’m pretty sure all guys get ‘strong urges’ when they reach puberty.”“No, you don’t get it,” he said as he raised his voice. “This isn’t normal, it isn’t like being horny, it’s ... it’s worse.”“What do you mean worse.”“I mean ... violent.”He paused and looked at her.“I mean like rape fantasies. Deep, dark, sadistic rape fantasies ever since I was a teenager.”She mouthed the word, “Oh,” and crossed her legs, facing him.“The only reason I’m telling you is because I don’t. His dick was so hard, and I could see on his face how bad he wanted to get free, how he couldn’t take his eyes from us. I was loving how he was holding the bars so tight, as if that would help. After a while, Marry became so sensitive at every touch of mine. She tried to close her legs while her body was twisting under my hands. She was almost cumming when I stopped rubbing her clit. Then I ran a finger over her pussylips and somehow rough I slid two fingers deep in her pussy. That cut her.

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