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He let it fall to the table. “Here- for your trouble.” She slapped him in the face. “ONLY ANOTHER 10, YOU DISGU-” He slapped her right back... “You’re an uppity little bitch aren’t you. You’re lucky your man doesn’t take kindly to getting his girls all bruised up or I’d lay you down a bit harder than that.” Alex’s mother was nursing the side of her face, petulance in her eyes. “Well then I guess he won’t be happy when he sees whatever mark you just left on me will he?” “Woah, woah,. Roshan ne kaha no problem mam you can stay here for some more time abhi toh party lambi chalegi in logo ki mummy ne kaha but yaha bhi koi aa jayega roshan ne kaha mam you don’t worry yaha koi nahi aayega. Mummy ne kaha how can you be so sure roshan ne kaha mam I know this is my place aur uske bad halka hansa. Meri mummy ne bhi use dekh ke use halka smile diya roshan ne kaha mam your smile is very preety meri mummy ne uske taraf dekha aur hanste hue kaha flirt kar rahe ho.Roshan ne kaha no mam. I'll be the first to let you know if you've worn out that welcome," he grinned."Is there a local paper for the village?" she asked."Not really. What do you want it for?" To look for help wanted ads." Oh ... I should have thought of that. The grocery store has a big bulletin board that people are free to post on. There are always some jobs advertised along with the free pets, things for sale and the like. Have a look there. You could post your own ad and leave my number as the contact." Oh .... He finally put them off by giving them the task of planning the reception for the following weekend. They promised to have everything ready to welcome their new sister to the family.Di had been amazing about the whole thing. When Michelle or Lauren started calling her to discuss party ideas, she accepted their suggestions with grace and didn't go all Bridezilla on them. All morning she'd been content in a way he'd never seen in her before. It was like watching a sunrise on a clear day.He'd.

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