“That’s fine,” he answered. “If you want to do that, you can.”“And you won’t spank me?”“Nope. I won’t do anything you don’t to do.”She disengaged from their snuggling. “I don’t know what to do,” she said, looking at his lap.“You just drape yourself over my knees,” he said as he helped guide her into the position where she would lie.“Like this?” she asked, as she adjusted herself.“Yes,” he affirmed. He placed his left hand on the small of her back. “This is the position you’d be in if. Avalin velaiyaana mugathil sexyaana ithazhgal irukum, aanal athai utru paarthaal sirithaaga kaayangal irukum. Ivalin udhadai thinamum oru aan kadithu sapidugiraan enbathu matum theriyum, oru naal naan avalidam pesinen en aunty eppadi irukireergal endru. Aval naan nandraga irukiren nee eppadi irukiraai endru ketel?En manam sirithu valiyaaga irukirathu endru sonnen, aval en appadi irukirathu endru ketal? Aval mugam ennai aarvamaaga naan ena solluven endru paarthathu.Appozhuthu ungaluku thirumanam. Now one of them stood and began to bite her nipples.And finally three men dressed and left, but the other tall man remained. Now he started to lick her boobs. He is biting her nipples while she is moaning in pain. Now he started to push his fingers into her pussy in a wild fashion.He said “I like you, bitch. I loved riding you. Again we will come tomorrow” while saying that he made her in doggy style again and started to fuck her for 10 mins. Now he sat down and said her to lick his heavy dick.. With the economy in trouble many of the aid programs were being discontinued. This resulted in 11 of the 14 girls having their financial support terminated. A family meeting was called and the problem discussed. Bret told the girls that he could afford to fund their education. The girls appreciated this but thought it was too much after all he had already done. They decided that since they knew what marine life was about that they would enlist for 4 years and then with the G.I.Bill's help.

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