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He didn’t know what to do, seeing that little 16-year old slut playing with his mind. ‘she should be taught some lesson’ he thought to himself. cock started growing. That bitch knows what she is doing! He didn’t want her to notice his interest in her, and wanted to stay professional.Tori loved every second of his blushing face and his excessive tries to not give her attention. She knew he was hard.As Tori looked back on her desk, she saw a note being placed there. She looked over to Noelle,. Nicht auf die Hauptseite hochgeladen worden, daher jetzt noch einmal.„Kannst Du nicht, denn Du hast morgen wieder Unterricht, da musst Du fit sein.“Murrend stimmte er zu.Ich ging zurück zu meiner Wohnung und hörte, dass eine SMS angekommen war.Erol hatte geschrieben >hier tut sich einiges ich werde Dir später berichtenMorgen werden wir durch den Tunnel gehen, unsere Fahrzeuge, die in Paralimini stehen, bereitmachen und unsere Waffen aus dem Lager holen. Dann werden wir ein Lager überfallen in. And while it is only four hours driving and one hour by plane, it's not something that we can do every day or even every weekend." I know, Master. And I am thankful for whatever time you and I can spend together. But when you are gone this place just isn't the same." I know. I feel the same way. But what can we do about it?"After that, we changed the subject to something lighter and happier. No sense in making what time we had together miserable!A few days after our conversation, I was invited. "Please miss, piss on me." The receptionist looked stunned, not knowing what to say or do. "I... I don't know if..." I slapped Martina's ass again. "She likes it," I said to the woman. "Don't worry, just treat her like a whore and let her have it." Giulia's face grew bright red as she looked down, where Martina had opened her mouth wide right at the base of her pussy, waiting patiently. "Please, give me your piss, milady," Martina said again, meekly. I heard Giulia moan softly, and something.

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