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John didn’t bother to close the curtains, after all who would see them? He stripped and drooled as he watched Deana and Phred do the same. Phred...s big, long black cock made John wonder if Deana could take it all, it looked to be about twelve inches and very wide.Deana licked her lips, shivered and with a shaky voice lied, “Oooh god, you’re so fucking big! I don’t know if I can take it all!” John climbed onto one side of the bed, and Phred the other, with Deana sandwiched between them. He. While they were gone, Mary had given me another message from Uncle Bert about the programming. It was an confounding message, leaving more questions than it answered, particularly as to Mary’s use of her free will in conjunction with her programming.Going into a trance drains my kittens. After giving me the message, Mary had taken her post trance nap. An hour or so later, I was sitting in my easy chair thinking about the programming when I heard soft footsteps behind me. Her hands were on my. Just as he promised, Levi arrived promptly at six. As for me, I was in the middle of pulling on my white lace dress when I heard Mom answering the door. I released my damp hair from the bun at the nap of my neck, letting it fall in soft waves. I took a quick look in the mirror before dashing downstairs to greet our new neighbor and dinner guest. When Levi saw me descending the last set of stairs, his eye was drawn to the turquoise kneesocks he had dressed me in earlier. His smile looked a. Silently, he fucked her as she slept. He rubbed her clit with his finger too, which made her mumble and wimper even more. He leaned down and sucked her nipples as they jiggled in his face. It excited him that he had complete control over her, and that her body trembled as he plunged his cock inside her. He was getting carried away with passion now, and knew he was on the verge of an amazing climax. He didn't care anymore if she was awake or asleep, but when he lifted her legs up over his.

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