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"Sarah. I need to talk about some personal things - " he hesitated, " - your relationship with my wife, Elizabeth. You did know her didn't you? Toward... the end?"Of course I did! I probably spent as much time with her as you did - until right at the end. Didn't you know.I said, "Yes, we used to meet in the park sometimes."Almost every day, for hours."She never mentioned it."I'd figured that out."She must have meant a lot to you. You were in Church."Yes, weeping my heart out. I just couldn't. .and then took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking her boobs..her boobs were still soft and firm…her areola was dark brown in color and with black pointed nipples…I kept on sucking her boobs one by one…she was moaning hard and screaming…aaaaahhhhhhhhhh….harmannnnnnn I was missing this for a long time..please suck me…aaaahhhhhhhh…her maons were filling the room…her erotic voice was adding on to the sex filled environment…I kept kneading and mauling her boobs for good 15 -20 I wondered what she will wear in bed tonight. Soon it was night. I generally slept only in shorts with no underwear or shirt. I was in bed early that night. I felt her getting into bed too. After some time passed i peeped to see what she was wearing. She was in the same dress as in morning, the white kurta with red salwar but no dupatta at night ofcourse. This white kurta also had a zip on the back. I waited more than one hour to get started with my adventures on her. She was again in same. She surely knew it was grounds for a lawsuit. Julia kept quiet but was very vigilant as to everything else that was to come. Dr. Roma began again, "Here we have Ricky's physical examinations from infancy right up until a few months ago. Let me point out the beginnings of Ricky's changes. Here Dr. Wigs points out the lack of an Adam's apple. (Medical term for it is lengthy so I will keep calling it an Adams apple, dear readers.) Here we have the testicular abnormality. You see, Julia, Ricky's.

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