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Have a good day and I will see you tomorrow."I rise from my seat as Ms. Winkler watches, her eyes riveted on the full erection pressing against my pan...s. She smiles seductively, slowly moving her tongue over her full lips."Have a nice day, Ms. Winkler," I say, exiting her classroom and head to the library.After my last class of the day, I scurry back to my dorm room and lock the door. I strip the clothes from my body in a flurry, tossing them off to the side. I lay on my bed, taking my thick. After a few minutes, I started sliding my hands inside her t-shirt and placed it on her boobs.She was enjoying the movie and my act. I slowly started pressing her boobs and her nipple. I was completely turned on. So, I gave my earphone to her asked to watch the movie and I will enjoy her body. She gave a weird smile and took the earplugs.I again slid my hands inside her t-shirt and placed my hands on her boobs. I started pressing it as well as sucking her neck. She was moaning in low voices. I. “The Brigadier will be conducting the ceremony at Command Headquarters, so you have three days to get cleaned up and have your hair cut”.Shaun used the spare Jeep to drive over to the hospital to see Jack. Finding him eventually sitting out in the garden. He handed Jack a small bag, “There’s cigarettes and a bottle of scotch in there”.Jack smiled “Thanks Boss, I’ve been gasping for a fag”.Shaun smiled opening his cigarette case and letting Jack take one. He took one himself and lit them both.. ’ ‘You’re right about that, darlin’,’ he finally spoke. And before she could guess his intention, he brushed by her and stepped into the warmth of her home. ~~~~ Slowly closing the door until it clicked softly, Shelly used the time to breathe in deeply and adjust to this turn of events. There had been a time when she would have given all she owned to find Jake on her doorstep, wanting to be with her. But that had been the fantasy of naive schoolgirl, which she no longer was. Pivoting on her.

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