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“Robert, it’s good to talk with you again. Are you busy tonight or anytime tomorrow morning? ... Good because I have a deal for you. I have a clie...t who wants two couples swapping partners all together at the same time. He and I are one of the couples ... No, we are just a couple for tonight. You two could be the other couple ... Two or three hours max. $2,000 ... Excellent. [To Paul] Please say the address.”“I live at 15 Crow’s Nest Drive. Press the call button and say your name. I have an. I stood there for a few moments and I could almost feel those eyes of hers peering at me from the other side of my blindfold. Then I heard her start to walk around me, circling me as if she were stalking her prey. Three times she circled me before stopping in front. A moment later, she quickly pulled up on my shirt un-tucking it. I heard her pick something up from off of a table. Then I felt it, a sharp stabbing pain below my Adam?s apple. I knew instantly that she had a knife in her hand and. Mai college kam h jaya krta tha. Kuki mai tab govt jobs ke papers dia krta tha jo mostly sunday h hote the. Mai study mai acha hun . Ye baat second semester ki hai . Jab hmare coordinator class le rhe the . Ek ladki thi sapna . Vo class ke baad sir ko kuj queries push rhi thi. Coordinator sir mujhe jaante the k mai study mai acha hun. Sir ne kahi jana tha to unhone use kha us ladke se jaa kar push lo. Vo samjha dega. Is bhane se sapna mere paas ayi. Aur maine uski queries ko solve kia. Jab. She licks my left nut that hangs lower, with her right hand she holds my dick up motionless. She holds it steady but without movement, leaving me in limbo allowing me to fully appreciate my balls being licked softly and delicately. I had to clear my mind and really think hard or I'd loose my shit even before we began. She knew what she was doing, slightly digging her nails into the length of my shaft as she held it there like a periscope, my balls now completely swallowed in her mouth, my dick.

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