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Aunty took my dick in her hand and guided it on her hole. Without me doing anything she started to rub it on her big pussy lips. My dick was getting sticky substance which was being liked from that mature pussy. Aunty rubbed it nicely on her pussy line and then slowly put it back on hole. Her hole was so hot; I could feel the heat on my shaft. And aunty slowly put my dick little bit in her hole. Wow that felt really great and I gave a slight jerk. My dick went in that hot thirsty pussy and. After a while, we went to sleep and I decided to catch him while masturbating on my panty again.That night I slept naked and masturbated for long time thinking of being dad’s wife. I had a heavy ejaculation that day. From next morning, I was looking for every possibility to find him masturbating. But it did not work. On the following Saturday we went to a park taking our lunch with us. I purposely wore a short skirt and sleeveless t-shirt so that my dad could see my bra clearly. In the park I. Guy swerved to keep from hitting it and veered off the road. One tire hit a sharp rock and split open.After cursing profusely that the flashlight in the glove compartment didn’t work, they managed to get the spare out and the tire changed. The spare was one of those undersized tires, and guy knew the road to the top of the mountain was full of tight curves. He had no desire to try to complete the trip up. He also knew he hadn’t slept enough the night before to keep going.They had passed through. After punching a few buttons a slightly erotic song started and she went back to the position she was in before. The other guys had all bunched on the end of the couch to have a better view of what she was doing to Kale. She went back to biting him, but added her hands to massage of his pants. He watched her face as she moved. He was hard when she started on Sam and his cock was pushing against the fly of his pants begging to be released. Every time her hand or breast would moved along the top.

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