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Finally having seen enough, I made my way back to my Aunt's house. I walked in and said hello and made my way to the living room to hang out and watch...a little television. It wasn't more than fifteen minutes and my Aunt walked in (still wearing her same oversized T-shirt) and asked if I would help her move some things down into the basement. Having nothing else to do I agreed. We went up into her bedroom where she told me that she had cleaned out a few boxes from her closet that she wanted to. That hardly seemed like a choice, but I was surethere would be a catch. There had to be. Otherwise she wouldn't have offeredit up."What will I have to do if I choose the half an hour?" I asked warily,guessing that she would make me do something for half an hour if I took thatoption.She grinned suddenly, making me wonder if her anger hadn't all been just aplot, "You catch on quick, slave," she said with her haughty "mistressvoice." "You are rather stinky after last night's activities," she said. He whispered back that he wanted to hear me moaning for him as I squirted all over his cock. We played footsie under the table, and were making each other hotter by the minute. We finished dinner, and got in our cars to make our way to the hotel. I could already feel myself getting nice and wet. I'll confess...I rubbed my pussy a little during the drive. It makes me wonder if anyone noticed me doing it.Tyrell checked us in, and we headed for the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, I was on. After a couple ofminutes Jay pulled in and managed to park next to uson my side. He opened his window.“Good evening Bernie, good evening Dee. How are youboth?”“I’m fine thanks Jay.” I replied.Dee said she was fine too and we chatted for a bit,the bloke that had pulled up next to us on Dee’s sideeither got fed up or realised that he was out of luckand drove off. Jay offered the use of his flat whenDee mentioned that she felt a bit nervous about allthe cars.

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