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She glanced down at her cock, now semi-erect, which was pointing forward toward the bath. “I figured that would happen,” she joked. I smiled again... As she continued to shave my pussy, her cock continued to rise. Now fully erect, it pointed toward the ceiling. When she finished shaving me, she told me to sit in the tub. I unhurriedly slid myself into the hot water lest I burn myself. I sat at the back of the tub facing the spout; Shelby climbed into the other end facing me. She handed me the. ’ Forget him…. Forget the anger, the screaming pain when he left her… the unadulterated joy when they reunited… the slow realization of bitter anger and unforgiven sins… wounds that cut too deep to ever be healed by him… the horrifying realization of her own faults and sins that led to their demise. ‘No.’ ‘No?’ ‘No.’ ‘Why not?’ Why not…. the laughter, the tears… the way he’d looked at her in that dress, pictures and pictures and pictures… that day in the field, in the sun… the holes he dug. “You two have caused a lot of trouble for me. I run a neat house here and I can’t have girls like you ruining things. You will be punished properly and after this I expect you to improve. Do you understand?”Mia and Liana answered together “Yes Ma’am!” Mia could hear the enthusiasm in Liana’s voice even as the princess tried to play the role of the frightened servant.Lucy placed the paddle on the dresser behind her and turned back to face the girls. Pointing to a spot at the side of the room she. A few of the villagers kicked off about our tactics in dealing with the gangs but after a while everyone came to see that the old ways were finished. Our leader, Hissing Sid, and Ron, the farmer where we used to stay, were elected as joint leaders of 'Sleights Survivors'. We number about fifty in total."Ron and Sid quickly established some order, two families decided to move out. We took over all the abandoned houses and, in spite of the worst winter in living memory, everyone had enough to eat.

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