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Hetweaked the nipples and felt the clips on his own nipples tighten.Next he fastened the locking strap around his testicles and pulled ittight. His b...ll sacks stretched tightly and were held away from hisbody. He injected the drug into his penis that would give him anerection that would last for several hours. Finally he fastened thesmall silver bell around the end of his cock. It would ring every timethe thing moved, which would be, of course, every step he would take.A blonde wig and. "Put the tip into your mouth and then do that corkscrewing thing again. I'm almost ready to shoot." His words were music to my ears and I slipped my lips over the shimmering engorged head. I quickly licked off the soapy film and closed my lips tight against the hot spongy membranes. With the soap out of the way, I could taste the smooth silky flavor as his pre-cum flowed onto my tongue. "Mmmmmm," I felt another twinge of desire course through me as I swallowed. I looked up at him and saw him. She began to bounce up and down so hard that I was afraid she would break something. Of course she didn't and we both thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Now I know the difference between personal and professional service! We both had to take some time to recover.My time with Doloros was up and she had other customers to entertain, so I got dressed and left for my hotel. In appreciation for Doloros' performance I fully intended to do what I could for Juanita.The next morning I met with Juanita,. "These last words drew from him a look between fear and disappointment.It was a look I had seen on the faces of many in his generation. Heceased to speak. My lack of allegiance to male genitalia had left himvisibly shaken. I ran the rest of the scans in silence. His bloodpressure was high.Many more intelligent 'guys' of his age go completely femme at the firstsign of heart disease. It's one of several pragmatic reasonsmorphological modification tech first received funding. Women are lessprone.

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