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He was crying that he was worried that she waskilled. He asked her if she can resign the Federation and move to alittle farm. He can be a farmer for...his whole life.Janice asked if he was proposing to her. He said yes! She kissed on hislips and said yes, yes, and yes! She asked when you would like thewedding. Jim said how about tomorrow? She kissed him again. Said, yesagain!So, they got married on the USS Enterprise. Janice wore a lovely weddinggown, Jim had a 23th century tuxedo. Both. 2 boys quickly mounted Becky & started double fuckingher pussy too. They took about 5 minutes longer fucking Becky then the 2 boysin Angel did so I told the boy under Angel to stay put until they were donewith Becky so as to hold the cum in Angel for Becky to eat out. When the boyswere done in Becky I told the boy on top of her to stay in & to move her overon top of Angel. I had Angel get off the boy in her cunt & lay down for Beckyto get on top of. As soon as Becky was in place Angel started. Then I asked her how is their life, at that time only vinay called me and said he is struck badly in traffic and he is not reached his parents place too, so he asked me “ Sir it may take little more time so if you want I will come back” I said no problem you pick them and you come he asked me to give phone to his wife they both talk and she disconnected the phone, and smilingly said we can talk more now, then casually I asked about their life, she replied everything is good but personally not,. In the next 10-12 hours we've got to get that shrapnel out of your brain or it will swell and shut down some bodily functions, like your heart and lungs." Swell, just fucking swell. Oh, I'm sorry ma'am." No problem Rader, that's exactly what I was thinking."They decided to move their position so they were completely hidden behind the old adobe chimney that stuck up through the roof. It would at least provide some cover if the bad guys came up the stairs and on to the roof. Rader told Nancy that.

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