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They brought a mirror in for her as soon as she got out of bed. Her face was starting to heal but the cuts still looked red and deep. And her nose was...ruined. If she tried to touch it, it was agony. Furthermore, she had difficulty breathing through it, so badly had Augusta mashed it up,A surgeon came to examine her and told her an operation was needed to restore it."You'll never look the same as before, Francine. But I can clear the airway and repair some of the damage. Are you ready for it or. I’m going to get ready to go out. Take your time, the place is yours.”Kat left me with my coffee.I knew that Kat was right. Running away wasn’t going to solve anything and if I didn’t do something soon, I would have to start explaining things to our children and others. People would realise that I wasn’t living with Maggie. So far, only Simon knew that I had been sleeping at Kat’s place.I thought about the last time I had seen Maggie.I had been shocked to see a picture on her phone that was. I just love looking at him after he showers. He never completely dries off and the drops of water on his chocolate skin catches the light making him glisten. “ Come here, let me help you with that” I said letting my robe casually fall open. Amil walked over and I took his towel off of him revealing his stiff 10 inch cock. It’s beautiful. He shaves down there which is one of my favorite things about him. A lot of men want women to do it for them but they never even consider reciprocating. My. "You look like you could use another one," I said, placing the glass next to a half-empty drink. "You know. To loosen up. Stop looking like a cop. He looked himself over. "That's why no one's approaching you." You did." He picked up his drink and took a sip."I'm not afraid of cops." I sat down next to him. "Besides, I know when I see a first timer."His eyes flashed down and back up at me. "Is it that obvious?"I nodded. "But no worries. Nothing to be ashamed about. Strip clubs are not for.

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