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Shelly molded herself to my back. I felt her naked breasts (larger than Reggie's) against me. I then felt her hand on my right side being pulled and g...ided between Reggie and me.I looked at Reggie and she was watching me. Just as it seemed I might shrug Shelly's attentions off, she kissed me softly and said, "She loves you and needs you now as much as I do."I laid there on my left side. Reggie was as close against my front as possible. Shelly was as close to my back as possible with one hand. ..”“Moral relativism at its finest?” Casey offered. “Hypocrisy? Whatever it is, it’s opened the door to talk to her about polyamory and bisexuality and I don’t want to knock it.”“I don’t think I was going to say either of those things.” Nick admitted. “Whatever it is, I’m happy to help. Tanvi, you don’t mind switching seats with Casey for a bit. Do you?”Tanvi was up in the space of three breaths. “Of course not. I have a camera in my carry-on. It’s a snapshot model, but if you want something. Bruno made a promised to himself that he would find out who ratted them out. Unknown to Bruno, Barzin was the rat. Bruno went west for a time but returned when contacted by Virgil.Barzin took over the drug business working out of the XYZ warehouse. He had Virgil run it, with Sonny as his helper. They moved the drugs through deliveries to various restaurants and grocery stores. That was Sonny’s idea. They have been friends for years and Virgil was Sonny’s best man at his wedding to Kay. Bruno. The Knight-Paladin sighed. He could think of only one option. He didn't want to do it, but it seemed that the Vile Lord's Horde had left him no choice. He turned and seemed surprised to find his staff huddled in the tent's doorway, staring at the approaching beasts with wide eyes and gaping, speechless mouths. Waving with the backs of his silver gauntleted fingers he shooed them back into the tent like chickens into a coop. "Now you've seen them. You have work to do. Get to it." Tomson," he.

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