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.just as friends.As he turned around to leave my apartment, I quickly threw my shirt off, exposing my all natural, huge breasts. I called his name, an... when he turned around I ran up and gave him a deep, hot kiss and let my hand slide down to his belt. I felt a familiar hardness growing in his pants and then he asked me, "So Sharon, how do you want it?"This I had to think about for a second. He could fuck me hard and pound away at my pussy, or start off slowly and gradually build up tempo. I. The other three members started to stir on the bed, the warm body they were snuggled against having been removed. Soon all four were at the table drinking coffee and having their breakfast of choice."We have a new mission," Shelia's voice announced."What is this WE shit?" Troy spoke to the air, "I don't hear or feel your presence when we are on a mission." This mission is very dangerous," Shelia continued. Her/its female voice showed no emotion or any other reaction to Troy's comment. "You will. "Not yet princess, I'm not done with you just yet" With that I untie your ankles, adjusting the wrist cuffs I flip you onto your back, so you're looking up at me as I continue. Leaning down I start to kiss and suck your nipples, my tongue working its way and them, I can feel them stiffen under its delicate touch as you're writhing around on the bed, ever closer to that elusive climax. With deft fingers I attach clamps to your now rock hard nipples, smiling to myself as another muffled protest. Would that be possible?"Yes, yes! Kathy's heart beat in her throat. A thousand times yes!"There is one requirement. Mrs. Potter insists that someone hold a stun gun on me in case I get, shall we say, carried away. She says it would be okay if one of you (I haven't told her your names or how we met, although our good friend Officer Ray obviously knows) holds the gun, but that means I'll have to get acquainted with you one at a time. Would that be okay?"Would it! Kathy leapt to her feet and.

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