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There was a single magenta streak running from front to back, making her irresistible to touch. She looked taller and slimmer with the exposed neck. T...e stray hair around the nape had been neatly shaved with a straight razor, making her look like a cover page model.We hugged freely this time. I felt her tight ass with one hand while holding her waist with the other. She had one hand behind my back and the other on my neck as she pressed her lips on my clean, shaved cheek. I had used extra. He grabbed hold of Scooby’s dick and guided him inside his ass. Scooby grasped the firm buttock cheeks roughly, helping him to go up and down upon him. This was intense breeding. With his hands around Grizzle’s neck, Scooby went in as deep as he could and he was going fast now. Suddenly Scooby’s whole body spasmed out in violent contraction, shooting long hot streams of cum high up inside the pig while breezing it out. The sensation had made Grizzle all numb and he continued to sit upon the. Her slippery cuntlips were overheating my cock and my head was on overload. I so wanted to shift my hips and bury myself deep, pouring my life-giving essence inside her young womb, but my brain wouldn‘t let me. I know we’re talking technicalities, but I felt as long as I wasn’t inside her, it wasn’t really sex. And in a Clintonesque way, I was right. After all, I was trying to teach her how to use the tools God gave her, not just fuck her for my own personal pleasure. “Ooooh! That feels good!”. The guy in my ass was fucking me faster and the guy in my mouth was getting close. I felt his cock swell as it started cumming in my mouth. He pulled out and finished cumming on my face as Timmy took his place. Shawn fucked my throat with his skinny 8" cock for 10 minutes. The guy in my ass grunted and started cumming after 20 minutes of pounding my ass and Shawn took over. The guys were starting to get pretty drunk and started calling me their fucking whore and bitch. Shawn was fucking my ass.

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