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I’d like to strip you, get in bed, feel your body close to me, and make love, than you can tell me about the trip while we relax and continue playin... with each other. I stripped, letting my clothes fall to the floor, as we headed to the bedroom, Paul immediately noticed there were no tan lines and my pussy was swollen. With that, he said “I can’t wait to hear all about the trip, don’t leave anything out”. I guess lovemaking can wait… Ed and I had a good flight to Key West. On the flight. !Once again she was naked before me, her body shining in the fire's glow; stunning in its beauty; warm and soft to my touch. Taking her wine glass I dipped a finger into the red liquid, placing it to her lips as I drew her back into my arms 'mmm!' It was a lovely feeling as we again settled to the floor in a naked revival of our love making. Comfortable in the warm romance of the fire I lay her back and our lips once again came together in a dancing waltz of sexual desire.My hand was gliding. It was about8:10 when there was a knock on the door and my husbandopened the door and asked if he could bring it in,thanking him, it was really nice for him to bring thestool up for my wife, he said. “Your welcome sir, butwhy does she need a bar stool?” That’s when I came out of the bath wearing nothing,walked over to him and rubbing his cock through hispants explained that he was to take these off and sitdown on the stool so I could give it head. Not waitingfor an answer I. In a few days what you need to know about being a man will comesecond nature to you. You will also be a gentleman at all times.How this is Ted and Jan they will help you be come a man. With that thewoman from the shop of the Immortal Witch left. When she had left theTed and Jan stepped forward. Jan put the tray of food on the table andleft. Ted you must be hungry, eat first then we will start on thelessons.Paul ate the food, at first he ate it like a woman would but Ted saidremember you a man.

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