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Her bathing suit was a one piece with a deep v neck and no back. Her large breasts bulged out the sides. It was a sensuous seductive swim suit not mea...t for the beach. After a few drinks we were ready for the sauna. The sauna is relaxing. After 20 minutes Kathy took warm water and poured it over me. The stream ran down my stomach, under my bikini bottoms and between my pussy lips. Damn that felt good. We played around, teasing each other, grabbing each others’ tits and ass, kissing, fondling. I. “So who want to have sex with me?” Her question caught me off guard. “Are you saying you’d be willing to do it?” I asked. “I don’t know,” Danny replied. “It is a guy, right?” “Yes,” I replied, looking over at Danny. Danny continued to use her hand-held spade without looking up. “And what about you?” Danny asked. “Where do you fit in all this?” I explained to Danny that my feelings for her were deep and strong and that I was not looking to do anything outside of our marriage, unless she agreed. What seemed like hours, she batted her eyes to see her Master sitting ina chair with a few men around him. All she saw were their growing cocksand a life support system so keep them alive."Hello, Leslie. Look at me. Leslie! Look here! You've gone through afew changes, and this is the last chance to stop them. You want toleave? Good girl. Look into this camera and repeat after me. I, LeslieStone, am willingly changing my sex for an undetermined period and willnot be returning to work. "I looked up at Her. Suddenly I noticed a crowd had gathered,even the girls had come out from behind the till."Rachel, I'm not looking for a fight..." Of course you're not. Sweet little sissy like you. Perish thethought."She stood over me, menacing and triumphant."You know, I'm sure everyone would love to see the rest of yourpretty undies. Why don't you slip those trousers off?" Go to Hell Rachel.....what is it You want with me?"There was complete silence for 10 seconds. Then I heard thatvoice.

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