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Just when he was about to give up and play some mindless computer games, Nick saw that his cell phone was ringing and a strange number flashed across ...he screen. He usually didn’t answer calls from numbers he didn’t know but decided he’d answer anyway.“Hello?” Nick asked.“Nick, thank goodness you answered. I really need to talk to you.”Nick recognized the voice immediately as that of Mari Rosales. She was the last person he wanted to talk to. She was part of Tiffany’s masterful plot to ensure. “Don’t worry this will be fun! I promise!” Lena began as Lauren and Chelsea sat naked on the bed. “First, you need to be wet. I have all of this lube, but let’s do this a more fun way.” Lena faced her daughter towards the front of her bed on all fours, with her ass up high in the air. “OK just stay like that. Now Chelsea you move here.” She helped Chelsea underneath Lauren so that her legs were spread facing the front of the bed, but facing up towards Lauren. Lauren’s sight fixed on Chelsea’s. My face glistening from her own secretions and that of the spent lovers.. she paused to tell me that I was to clean her bottom as well..I was soon so caught up in this taboo activity, I became her tool..Hers to use in whatever manner.. She soon made me simulate oral prowess on her adult life like vibrator..She forced the life like appendage into my mouth and demanded I take most into my throat. She would use the toy until it was thick with her fluid and then order me to lick, love and succumb. I was just 22 years old then but dispite my age, i had already multiple sexual encounters with other ladyboys. And yes i said ladyboys specifically since i am only sexually attracted to shemales/ladyboys. Before i go into more details about my experience with other ladyboys, let me first discribe myself a bit. I had long beautiful black hair and a cute face, a small feminine body (166cm / 5 ft 5 in) and smol perky boobs, that made me look even younger than i actually was. It didn't just made me.

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